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ArrivalTech provides assistance for businesses relocation their technology environments. This includes their Data Centre and Server Room equipment and also their Desktop environments. ArrivalTech can manage and complete the entire technology move or provide assistance for key components like project management, task supervision, hands and feet engineers and post move support

Time Management: Concentrate on what is important

By leveraging the services of efficient Information Technology Relocation Specialists you can concentrate on on what is important to your business. ArrivalTech specialises in Computer Room and Datacentre relocations and can ensure your infrastructure is available with minimal distruptions read more

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IT equipment relocation represents a significant component of a data center move. Most of the cost relates to labor; and thus, care should be taken in the logistics planning to ensure the efficiency of the move.. ”


“Because the relocation of data center equipment requires significant technical support, the costs can be high because of the high labor content of a move.. ”


“ An optimally (or even an adequately) functioning data center is not a luxury; it's a business necessity. If it ain't right, it's got to be fixed.”

“ The rising energy costs of running a data center are gaining more and more attention as they are already in the range of $3.3 billion annually. ”